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Twin Lobe Roots Blower

These are positive displacement Twin Lobe Blower (Compressors) suitable for a wide range for operating speeds to meet the exact capacity requirements of the application. They can be offered for pressure duty upto 10,000 mmwg and vacuum duty upto 6,000 mmwg. Two stage machines can be offered for pressure upto 22.000 mmwg. These machines can be used for compression or boosting of vacuum gases.

The working chamber consists of two parallel cylindrical bores containing two impeller each with two lobes which counter rotate without touching with each other, or the casing, Heavy duty gears ensure that a correct clearance is maintained between the impellers. The working chamber requires no lubrication hence the medium handled does not get contaminated with oil.



Air Cooled

Product Design

Blower is a plumbing equipment that rotates the fan with the force it receives from the engine, which transfers the air in the emitted environment at high flow or low pressure. The fan in the blowers rotates and vacuum the air in the suction section. The trapped air is then pushed into the outlet side. Blowers are often used to move air.

All Components are machined to very accurate dimensions with extremely tight tolerance with guaranteed interchange ability. The Casting of casing and main covers are stress relived after are Pre-machining for dimensional stability at elevated temperature. Both sides of the side cover are oil filled which increases the life of bearing and Gears.

The Twin-lobe Impeller Profile Ensures Maximum Volumetric efficiency with Minimum Power absorption. All Units come equipped with rugged steel mounting feet to permit in field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements.

All R R blowers Unit may Operate under either Vacuum or Pressure Application with no equipment modification. All RR Series are available with Special seals for gas applications.

Special Features

  • Machines are air cooled so water-cooling in not required
  • Positive Displacement Machines with content Volume Characteristic.
  • 100% Oil Free Compression
  • Suitable for various Gases such as Air, Town Gas, Natural Gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, inert gases.
  • Effective Sealing Ensured By Means of Temperature-insensitive labyrinth system.
  • High Precision chemical timing gears for reliability and long life.
  • Overhung V-Belt drive for all operating pressure ranges. Direct coupling also possible
  • Dynamically balanced rotating components to ensure vibration free operation.
  • Machine shaft height matched with standard IEC Motor Frame size.
  • Solid, noise-absorbing construction in grey cast iron.

Products Range

  • Suction Capacity from 30 M3/Hr to 30000 M3/Hr.
  • Pressure Upto 1.20 Bar
  • Vacuum upto 0.60 Bar

Data Sheet

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