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RR Enterprise manufatures world class Refrigerated Air Dryers with most advanced technology and reliability to ensure trouble free performance for ages.

Refrigerated Air Dryer functions on the principle of cooling the air, condensing the moisture and removing it.

Flow capacity range from 20 to 30000 cfm.

Operating pressure from 1.5 to 250 kgf/cm2.

RR’S Refrigerated Air Dryers remove the moisture to a level of 600 ppm(w) by using energy efficient refrigeration system and effective heat exchangers. The wet air enters into the economizer (pre cooler) of the refrigerated air dryer and the temperature gets reduced significantly by the outgoing cold air. This medium temperature air further enters in to the evaporator of the refrigerated air dryer and the temperature drops to 2 Deg. C by the cold refrigerant. At this temperature the moisture in the vapor form condenses into liquid and the same is separated by high efficient integral moisture separator and automatic drain trap. All the three components (i.e. pre cooler, evaporator and moisture separator) are integrated into one single unit.

 Air Dryer


  • Can be programmed to user requirement
  • High and Low dew point alarm can be set
  • On line dew point transmitter can be connected
  • Password protected settings
  • Compact Design DESIGN
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Consistant Dew Point
  • Power Saving
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to Installation
  • Lower Maintanance

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