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Reciprocating Dry Vacuum Pump

  • Vacuum pump is an universal design with the feature to convert it to a single stage compressor. This feature is very useful for large tank leakage test under vacuum or under pressure
  • Dry type vacuum pump-only useful for handling of gases
  • Easy to install requiring no foundation
  • Higher efficiency compared to other types or other makes of vacuum pumps
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise level under 80 dB, ideal for hospitals
  • While using liquid tanks in chemical plants for vacuum, the provision of scrubber tank is available as an additional equipment to prevent the liquid from entering the pump.
  • Simple design makes it easy for any shop mechanic to dismantle and assemble the pump without any mismatch of the parts

Technical Details

  • Capacity 300 to 4200 LPM,
  • Max. Vacuum 29.6" at Sea Leval
  • Motor 2 to 10 HP, Single & Two Stage Dry Type.

These are Single Stroke. Air-cooled reciprocating units available in single and double stage configuration and can achieve vacuum upto 29.6" Hg (752 mm Hg). These are quite reliable and maintenance free pumps. Proving a boon for application where in oil mist contamination is not at all acceptable.


Distillation, Vacuum Forming, Menthol Oil Extraction, Paper Handling, Food Processing, Filtration, Sugar Industries, Hospitals, Vacuum Impregnation, Dairies etc.

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